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Silver Pharma Kimdir?

Silverpharma Ecza Deposu A.Ş.

Silver Pharma was founded in 2018 in order to serve all over the world. Silver Pharma is a group company. Its group includes Mamma, Aren, Mayalıhane and Pharmacy Depot Pharma Vision in Switzerland.

Aren company produces Vitamin / Nutritional Supplements.


Mayalı Hane produces healthy products especially for low protein and celiac diet.


Mamma Besin Urunleri Üretim Pazarlama A.Ş. imports special food for allergic patients from Europe and is the distributor of Turkey.

Pharma Vision is our pharmaceutical warehouse in Europe. We export products that are not in Turkey and located in Europe through this company. Silver Pharma exports products of this group of companies and retains distribution rights.

Silver Pharma has an experienced team in exporting medicines and vitamins. Professional teams work at all levels from warehousing to purchasing, logistics and export. As a company, our first priority is customer satisfaction.

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